Liquid Charcoal Drawing

See Prof Lieu’s first reaction to Nitram & Schmincke Liquid Charcoals. Watch demos of how this liquid charcoal works on it’s own, and also in conjunction with compressed charcoal, erasers, and charcoal powder. See how to layer and build up a convincing likeness with a range of specific tools that fit this technique. Demo by […]

Expressive Figure Drawing Techniques

See demo on how to create figure drawings that are expressive, lively and dynamic in charcoal. Explained is specific techniques on how to physically work your drawing to get past tight, conservative ways of drawing. Demo with Art Prof Clara Lieu. Video Walkthrough Art Supplies Reference Photos As a free educational source, Art Prof uses […]

Portrait Drawing in Charcoal

This technique shows a reductive method to charcoal drawing. The drawing begins with an even layer of grey, from which highlights are created with an eraser, and shadows are blocked in with charcoal. See how to layer and build up a convincing likeness with a range of specific tools that fit this technique. Demo by […]

Drawing Hair

This video explains how to approach drawing hair. How to break down the sections of hair while also capturing the more detailed, refined areas. The key to articulating hair is to treat the hair as a mass first, and then to subdivide the “clumps” of hair. Observing the direction of the hair creates structure to […]

How to Draw Profile Portraits in Charcoal & Photoshop

See a drawing demo on how to draw a portrait in profile. Explained are tips for how to create a convincing portrayal of a profile, including what facial structures are important to emphasize. Techniques for rendering light and shadow to create a convincing portrait are discussed as well. Demo by Art Prof Clara Lieu and […]

How to Draw Arms in Charcoal & Photoshop

Get concrete tips and anatomy advice on how to draw arms in a convincing way. Arms have a complex structure of bones, ligaments, and muscles that can be challenging to figure out. This drawing tutorial provides specific landmarks to identify and how to put all the parts together to create a fluid drawing. Demo by […]

Drawing a Skeleton Inside a Figure

A great exercise for learning anatomy as an artist is drawing a skeleton inside a figure drawing. By drawing the skeleton as you draw the human figure, you are able to see the connections between the figure. Explained are the various bony landmarks, providing a fundamental understanding of how the skeletal structure in a figure […]

Drawing Roses in Pencil & Charcoal

See how to draw roses with pencil and charcoal as preparatory drawings for oil paintings. Kathleen Speranza explains her engagement with roses as a figurative subject for her paintings, providing a comprehensive demo on how to set up the lighting and placement of the roses. Kathleen explains how to sharpen & prepare pencil/charcoal supplies, and […]

Wet Charcoal Drawing

Art Prof Clara Lieu demonstrates techniques for wet charcoal drawing. Prof Lieu shows how to use a spray bottle, newsprint , and compressed charcoal in order to experiment with making abstract strokes on the paper to create a dynamic and engaging range of contrasting marks. Video walkthrough Art Supplies Tips Prof Lieu’s Tips As far […]