Open Studios Club

Open Studios Club is a casual virtual studio session where you can hang out with other artists, work on your own projects, and get feedback from our staff in real time on voice.

Emmet, Ava, SC, Elvera, Uma

This is an opportunity to learn and be inspired by a small group of artists in a safe, inclusive virtual space.

You’ll learn as much from seeing each other’s works in progress and ideas as you will from our staff!

“Anyone, of any ability level is welcome and treated the same as someone who’s been doing art for a long time, or even professionally.”


How to Join

what if I’m in the Patreon Group?

If you are in the Patreon groups and want to join Open Studios Club, see instructions here.


When you sign up, you’ll get an email from Prof Lieu with instructions for accessing the Open Studio Club channels in our Discord.

Burnt Sienna

$75 monthly

6 sessions per month

Select the Burnt Sienna
tier on Patreon

1 session is 2 hours
Rate is $6.25/hour

Cadmium Red

$60 monthly

4 sessions per month

Select the Cadmium Red
tier on Patreon

1 session is 2 hours
Rate is $7.50/hour

Cerulean Blue

$40 monthly

2 sessions per month

Select the Cerulean Blue
tier on Patreon

1 session is 2 hours
Rate is $10/hour

Naples Yellow

$30 one time

1 time session
via Paypal*

1 session is 2 hours
Rate is $17.50/hour

to join

Registration form

*One time session purchases must be made at least 2 business days in advance.

Sforza & de Medici Groups

Look for the Patreon tiers that combine the group names.

Open Studios de medici - cad red

de-Medici + Cadmium Red

If you need assistance, email Prof Lieu

Watch a sample session

How it Works


  • We require people to join our Discord to participate.
  • If you have no experience with Discord, know that we have staff and moderators available assist you.
  • Watch this 53 second tour of our Discord for a preview.
workshop elvera
  • We highly recommend joining the Discord at least a few days before your first session to prevent any headaches for you.
  • You’ll need to troubleshoot any problems, and get any tech support you need from staff to ensure that the sessions run as smoothly as possible for you.
Open studios Chat

During the live session

  • You’ll work on your projects and take occasional breaks to post your works in progress into the Discord text channel.
  • Prof Lieu speaks to you on voice to critique your projects and/or discuss any topics that are on your mind.
  • There is no requirement to speak on voice! We are happy to answer questions you type into the text channel.

Live session Days

  • There are 2 sessions every week you can attend:
  • Mondays, 12 – 2pm EST
  • Thursdays, 6 – 8pm EST
  • We record attendance at every session to track everyone’s membership.

Current Schedule

  • Subscribe to our Google Calendar here.
  • This schedule is subject to change.
  • Check #open-studios-news for updates.
Clara Lieu, banner

May 2024

  • Thurs May 9, 6-8pm EST / Prof Lieu
  • Mon May 13, 12-2pm EST / Deepti & Jordan
  • Thurs May 16, 6-8pm EST / Prof Lieu
  • Mon May 20, 12-2pm EST / Deepti & Prof Lieu
  • Thurs May 23, 6-8pm EST / Prof Lieu
  • Mon May 27, 12-2pm EST / Prof Lieu
  • Thurs May 30, 6-8pm EST / Prof Lieu
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In between sessions

  • You’ll have continued access to the Open Studio Club channel.
  • Everyone is welcome to have conversations, share artwork here.
  • Note that staff will be available for tech support questions, but will not be active giving feedback in between sessions. (you can do this in the Patreon group)
  • Staff will moderate the channel to be sure everyone stays safe.
Clara banner

The real-time feedback and sense of community made this the closest I have come since the pandemic started of feeling like I am in a class led by master surrounded by dedicated students.

How is this different from a workshop?

  • A workshop is a focused learning environment on a specific subject and/or technique everyone can learn together, and which provides a concrete direction for people.
  • Many people know they want to improve on something, but don’t know where to start. The workshops takes that out of your hands and provides concrete starting points.
Mia Dorian
  • After a workshop, you receive written feedback in an email from Prof Lieu about your work in the workshop, and recommendations for moving forward.
  • Workshops have many weeks of advance notice, making scheduling easier for many people.
  • Open Studios Club does not provide long written critiques and support in the Discord channels outside of the live session. In a workshop, you receive this the week before, and the week after the workshop.
Lauryn Welch, banner
  • Workshops each have a comprehensive workshop guide, which gives supply recommendations, prompts, and resources to target the subject of the workshop.
  • The last hour of a workshop is a critique where we are focused on giving constructive critique.
  • While you an ask for this in Open Studios Club, the conversations will be very loose and critiques won’t happen consistently.
Cat Mia banner

How is this different from the Patreon Group?

  • The Patreon Group voice sessions schedule does not have set days and times, we vary the schedule to accommodate various time zones, etc.
  • Open Studios Club meets on Mondays and Thursdays at the same times.
  • Open Studios Club voice sessions are 2 hours, Patreon group voice sessions are 1 hour.
  • Patreon voice is only speaking, people are not working on their work. You can post artwork for to get a critique, but you aren’t actively working on it during the voice session.
Clara banner Drypoint
  • Open Studios Club doesn’t provide written feedback/support in between voice sessions.
  • In the Patreon Group, there is tons of written feedback/support in between voice sessions.
  • During an Open studios Club voice session, people are actively working on their work. Let’s say you start a portrait drawing, you can get feedback in the moment. You work on the drawing more, and get feedback again in real time.
Clara banner photo collection
  • It’s much easier to make art friends and invest in long term relationships, many of you have been with us for several years now!
  • There is continuity in watching each other grow within this small group.
Clara Jordan banner
  • The Patreon group has a critique channel where you get substantial written critiques from our staff in between voice sessions.
  • Open Studios Club does not have a critique channel.
  • There is an #open-studios-chat channel where you can interact casually with other members. in between voice sessions.
  • Staff are not active in the channels in between voice sessions, except to moderate and answer tech questions.
Discord Stage Session
Discord stage session

How is this different from a stage session after live streams?

  • Stage sessions are free to the public.
  • Some people prefer a smaller group learning environment, because with a larger audience it can be more intimidating to speak.
  • Sessions are ~30 min. whereas Open Studios Club is 2 hours.
  • We do not critique personal artwork in a stage session.
  • If the live stream prior was a draw along, and you created work that followed the draw along, we will provide brief comments on voice.
  • A stage session is great for speaking to staff on voice, but it’s not as easy to make art friends because attendance isn’t consistent and the group much larger.
Cat Dorian Mia Clara

Do I have to reserve a spot to attend a live session in advance?

  • If you choose one of the monthly options, you can just show up!
  • If you choose the one time option, you need to book with Prof Lieu at least 2 business days in advance to attend.


  • There are no refunds if you are late to a session.
  • If you join 1 of the monthly options, and do not use use your number of voice sessions for the month, there are no refunds.
Group class critique Lauryn
  • For example, if you are in the Cadmium Red Group here (4 sessions per month) and only attend 2 sessions for a month, there is are no refunds.
  • We only issue refunds if a live session is cancelled or rescheduled.


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About Prof Lieu

Prof Lieu has 15 years of teaching studio art at the college level, and was an Adjunct Professor at the Rhode Island School of Design from 2007-2020.

2 minute Figure Gesture Drawings