Indigenous Artists You Haven’t Heard Of

See extraordinary contemporary indigenous artists and the fascinating art media and subject matter they are creating. Many of these artists don’t have as much visibility, and it’s important for us to see their work. Discussion led by Art Prof Clara Lieu and Teaching Artists Cat Huang and Dorian Epps. Video Walkthrough Artists Mentioned As a […]

Send Prof Lieu to the Biggest Printmaking Conference in the US!

A fundamental reason I started Art Prof was to tear down academia’s gatekeeping provide people with access to content that they would never get to learn from. This is why I’m asking you to send me to Verified by Proof, a gigantic annual printmaking conference organized by the Southern Graphics Council. Picture being with hundreds […]

Open Studios Club

Open Studios Club is a casual virtual studio session where you can hang out with other artists, work on your own projects, and get feedback from our staff in real time on voice. Emmet, Ava, SC, Elvera, Uma This is an opportunity to learn and be inspired by a small group of artists in a […]

How to Make Prints from Your Art

See start to finish, the entire process for making prints from your artwork. Specific logistics like paper sizes, whether to do print or demand, platforms you can use are covered. Suggestions for how to promote your prints on social media, and how to photograph your artwork images are explained in depth. Discussion by Art Prof […]

The Worst Advice Artists Hear

There is so much advice for artists that is terrible and can make the art making process stressful and frustrating! Discussion with Art Prof Clara Lieu and Teaching Artists Mia Rozear and Cat Huang. Video Walkthrough As a free educational source, Art Prof uses Amazon affiliate links (found in this page) to help pay the bills. […]

Artist Anxieties

Learn concrete ways you can deal with your anxiety as an artist, none of us are spared worrying about this! As artists there is so much to worry about, how our artwork will be received, diving into a new endeavor, exhibiting your work for the first time, and more. Discussion led by Art Prof Clara […]

How to Learn Art Faster & More Efficiently

There are now so many online resources for learning art out there, and it’s so challenging to know how to go about creating study plan that fits your needs! Here are concrete ways you can speed up learning art, that provide a clear direction with efficient ways to boost your skills. Discussion with Art Prof […]

Is AI Art Unethical? Is it Theft?

Is A.I. art stealing artists’ artworks? Does this count as theft, to the point where copyright law needs to get involved? A.I. art is bringing up all kinds of ethics and concerns for artists working today. Discussion led by Art Prof Clara Lieu, Teaching Artist Lauryn Welch and guest artist Dorian Epps. Video Walkthrough Artnet […]

Artists with Disabilities

This is a discussion about being an artist with a disability within the contemporary art world. Topics covered include disclosure, the impact a disability can have on your artistic process and materials, concerns about social media, careers in the gallery world and in academia, and more. Discussion with Art Prof Clara Lieu, Teaching Artist Lauryn […]

How to Start an Artist Business: Upcycle Fashion

Find out the nuts and bolts of how to start a business as an artist, exploring options for platforms and payment, overall strategy for how to find your audience, and more. Discussion with Art Prof Clara Lieu guest artist Dorian Epps. Guest Artist Dorian Epps Dorian is an Experiential and Product Designer from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. […]

Purchase a Personal Art Curriculum

Many artists have goals for techniques they want to learn, skills they want to improve. With so many resources available today, it’s tough knowing where to start, what prompts to do, etc. Table of Contents Our personal art curriculums create a clear path forward for you, providing a structure for learning that is customized to […]

Experiments in Industrial Design & Upcycle Fashion

Experimentation is an important part of an artist’s studio practice; stepping outside of your main focus and venturing outside of your comfort zone with unfamiliar materials and unrelated art fields has the potential for tremendous growth as an artist. Discussed are the various fields Cat and Dorian have explored despite their focus on graphic novels […]

Fears as an Artist: How to Deal

There are so many fears when you’re an artist: will people like my art? Will my art get stolen online? What if I get cancelled as an artist? This video explains how to overcome these inevitable fears so that they don’t get in the way of our studio practice. Discussion led by Art Prof Clara […]

How to Edit Instagram Reels

Learn editing tricks for how Instagram Reels that will capture a viewer’s attention. Overall approaches about how to hook an audience, piquing their curiosity, and how to learn editing are discussed. Techniques for editing that are discussed include transitions, masks, using split screens, adding stickers and text. Discussion led by Art Prof Clara Lieu and […]

Complete Guide to Selling Your Art

Table of Contents online shops merch finances Video printS CATALOGS events Galleries INstagram Digital Files Commissions Crowdfunding Miscellaneous Etsy Etsy “Etsy is an online marketplace catering to craft sellers and artists. Etsy easy to use, affordable, and has a huge base of potential customers. I always recommend Etsy as a good place to start before […]

Does Your Art Disappoint you?

Often our artwork disappoints us, it doesn’t live up to our expectations or standards that we are looking to fulfill. Hear concrete strategies for how to stay patient with your development as an artist and how to deal with the inevitable frustration you will have with your artwork. Discussion by Art Prof Clara Lieu and […]

How to Start & Grow an ART YouTube Channel

Get concrete tips and strategies for how to start and develop an art YouTube channel. Hear about how to harness your artistic skills to create a lively and engaged channel through various forms of content. Discussion led by Art Prof Clara Lieu and Teaching Artist Jordan McCracken-Foster. Video Walkthrough Software mentioned YouTube channels mentioned Prof […]

Do Artists Need to Show Their Face?

Showing your face on social media can be really effective to cultivate a following online. However, many people are nervous and / or intimidated about showing their faces, and unsure how to go about taking photos of themselves that will serve their needs. Get tips on how to shoot selfies and edit them to use […]

Artist Statement Editing Services

Writing artist statements, project proposals for grant & residency applications, resumes, and cover letters are all necessities for artists. Table of Contents Whether you are applying for an MFA or BFA program, preparing an artist statement for an exhibition, applying for an animation job, these written docs are essential towards realizing your goals as an […]

Children’s Book Illustration Portfolio Critique

This video is a critique of a children’s book illustration portfolio by Mary Ryazantseva, providing a detailed critique of the overall portfolio, followed by critiques for each individual artwork. Aspects of the entire portfolio and artworks are identified, and recommendations for concrete strategies for how to make progress are made. Critique led by Teaching Artist […]

Purchase an Artist Call

An artist call with our staff of seasoned professional artists is a great way to get customized support that fits your needs as an artist. Table of Contents Customized support is necessary to make progress There is definitely a limit to how much you can absorb from content online on your own. At a certain […]

Purchase a Portfolio Critique

A portfolio critique is a terrific opportunity to get a comprehensive look into your studio practice, artistic goals, and development. For many artists, getting an insightful critique and support is hard to find. Our staff provide a professional opinion that is aligned with their related industries in the art world. Who are portfolio critiques for? […]

Queer Artists You Haven’t Heard Of

This video discusses queer artists from art history and contemporary art. We explain the specific reasons why these artists receive more, or less attention over time. Discussion led by Art Prof Clara Lieu and Teaching Artists Lauryn Welch & Alex Rowe. Video Walkthrough Artists Mentioned As a free educational source, Art Prof uses Amazon affiliate […]

How to Start Learning Contemporary Art

Where do you start to learn about contemporary art? This video provides concrete ways you can get a better sense of what’s happening in the art world today. Resources like contemporary artist documentaries, online publications, arts writers, apps, contemporary art museum exhibitions, biennials, art fairs, and more are all terrific ways to get a comprehensive […]

How to Get Your Art into a Gallery

Getting your art into a gallery can be challenging, how do your submit your artwork to a gallery, how do you get to the point where they ask you to exhibit with them? This video provides concrete tips using personal experiences with galleries to illustrate several strategies you can take. Discussion led by Art Prof […]

Top 5 Copyright Mistakes Artists Make

Lawyer Greg Kanaan speaks about the top 5 mistakes he sees artists make regarding copyright and business. This video covers copyright, intellectual property, trademark, fair use, and more. Greg discusses with Art Prof Clara Lieu what types of legal actions are necessary in certain situations that artists might encounter while working professionally. Video Walkthrough Guest […]

Taxes for Artists

Taxes for artists (in the US) are often confusing, this video reviews the nuts and bolts of how to file as a self-employed artist with a Schedule C, whether forming an LLC (limited liability company) is worth it, what you can claim as a deduction and how to organize invoices, receipts, and more. Discussion led […]

Overrated & Underrated Artists 5

Why are some artists overrated, while others are underrated? This video provides 3 examples of overrated and 3 examples of underrated artists. We explain the specific reasons why these artists receive more, or less attention over time. Discussion led by Art Prof Clara Lieu and Teaching Artists Alex Rowe & Cat Huang. Video Walkthrough Artists […]

Ageism in the Art World

Ageism is prominent in all parts of the art world: in the gallery scene, in academia, on social media, and more. This video explores the ageism that occurs, referring to experiences shared by many artists in the field Discussion led by Art Prof Clara Lieu and Teaching Artists Lauryn Welch and Deepti Menon. Video Walkthrough […]

How Do I Find My Art Style?

Do you feel pressure to find your art style, but don’t know how? Get concrete tips for what you can do to find your own artistic voice in a genuine and effective manner that won’t stifle opportunities. Having a distinct art style is what artists are known for, and yet finding your style can feel […]

Racism in the Art World

Racism exists in all areas of the art world, it is experienced in museums, in art history, art school, art education, professional art industries and more. This video is a discussion which recognizes racism in visual arts and offers some ways how we as artists can work towards a more equitable field. Stories from their […]

Building a Career as an Arts Writer

Learn the nuts and bolts of a career as an arts writer. Arts writers write about many topics: they review contemporary art exhibitions, current events in the art world, and more. Many arts writers write for several publications, find out about what arts writers are looking for in their articles and what their experiences are […]