Artist Anxieties

Learn concrete ways you can deal with your anxiety as an artist, none of us are spared worrying about this! As artists there is so much to worry about, how our artwork will be received, diving into a new endeavor, exhibiting your work for the first time, and more. Discussion led by Art Prof Clara […]

Artists with Disabilities

This is a discussion about being an artist with a disability within the contemporary art world. Topics covered include disclosure, the impact a disability can have on your artistic process and materials, concerns about social media, careers in the gallery world and in academia, and more. Discussion with Art Prof Clara Lieu, Teaching Artist Lauryn […]

Fears as an Artist: How to Deal

There are so many fears when you’re an artist: will people like my art? Will my art get stolen online? What if I get cancelled as an artist? This video explains how to overcome these inevitable fears so that they don’t get in the way of our studio practice. Discussion led by Art Prof Clara […]

Does Your Art Disappoint you?

Often our artwork disappoints us, it doesn’t live up to our expectations or standards that we are looking to fulfill. Hear concrete strategies for how to stay patient with your development as an artist and how to deal with the inevitable frustration you will have with your artwork. Discussion by Art Prof Clara Lieu and […]

5 Ways to Stop Comparing Yourself to Other Artists

Here are 5 practical strategies you can use to keep away the toxic thinking that comes along with comparing yourself to other artists. This process can be harmful to your ability as an artist to create and stay motivated. Especially with social media it’s very common to feel like all of the artists you see […]

Is it Okay For Artists to Take a Break?

Many artists feel pressured to do their art non stop, when really taking breaks is extremely valuable and necessary in improving and progressing as an artist. Stepping away from your artwork gives you time away to absorb your ideas, to have non art related experiences that can provide fresh inspiration, and getting distance so you […]

Artist Guilt

Many artists feel guilt about so many things: not being productive enough, not making the artwork they “should” be making, not achieving their goals quickly enough as an artist, even just for using expensive art supplies! This video explores the many layers of guilt experienced by artists. Discussion led by Art Prof Clara Lieu and […]

How to Deal with Artist Burnout

Artist burnout happens to all artists, so what do you do when it happens? This video provides pre-emptive measures you can take to prevent artist burnout from happening Coping strategies are explained, which you can initiate when despite all your best efforts, you get burned out. Discussion by Art Prof Clara Lieu and Teaching Artist […]

I Hate My Art, What Do I Do?

Do you look at what you create as an artist and just hate everything about it? This is a really common reaction to our own artwork, we are our own toughest critics. This video explains coping strategies for how to shift your mindset when you experience this frustrating situation as an artist. Discussion led by […]

Failure & Fear as an Artist

This video discusses the importance of failure, risk taking, and fear as an artist. So many of us are afraid to fail as artists, and yet failure is actually a crucial part of an artist’s development and progression. Taking a creative risk can be intimidating, and make us fearful because of the lack of predictability, […]

Artists & Imposter Syndrome

Imposter syndrome is an ongoing concern for many artists. All artists experience imposter syndrome at some point, no matter how accomplished or experienced you are! This video explores several solutions than can get you to shift away from toxic thinking patterns. Discussion led by Art Prof Clara Lieu and Teaching Artists Alex Rowe and Eloise […]

5 Reasons Instagram Can Be Toxic for Artists

This video explains the ways that Instagram can have a harmful effect on artists. It’s easy to compare yourself to other artists you see on Instagram, see all of their success, their “perfect” artworks and feel like you are the only artist in the world who struggles. We all do! Solutions for how to combat […]

Life After Art School

“There are many ways to be an artist.” The transition from art school into the “real world” can be abrupt and disorienting for many graduates. Entering and navigating the professional world can be confusing, and there are many challenges that came along the way. This video provides suggestions for concrete initiatives art school graduates can […]