Painting Flowers with Open Acrylics

Could these be the slow drying acrylic paints that I have been yearning for my entire life? See how these acrylic paints compare to other acrylic painting supplies and brands I have tried in the past. Thank you so much Slate for sending me these supplies! Demo by Art Prof Clara Lieu. Video Walkthrough Art […]

Techniques for Painting Animal Fur

See techniques for how to paint fur with marker, acrylic inks, and acrylic paints. Explained is ways to layer the 3 media to create a foundation for details. Find out specific ways to handle your brushes and ways to mix and apply the paints to capture the textures of fur. Demo by Art Prof Clara […]

Fan Art Draw Along

See how you can design fan art that will stand out from the crowd. Techniques demonstrated will be how to merge text and images as well as how to achieve your own personal interpretation while also capturing the subject’s character and personality. Demo by Art Prof Clara Lieu and Teaching Artist Jordan McCracken-Foster. Video Walkthrough Prof Lieu’s Tips […]

Portrait Painting in Acrylic

This is a comprehensive portrait painting demo showing acrylic painting techniques. Explained are how to capture the structure and personality of the face, how to layer and build up colors through opaque and transparent glazes. Brush techniques are shown to achieve a diversity of strokes and direction. Demo by Art Prof Clara Lieu. Video Walkthrough […]

Color TRACK: Lesson 3, Painted Paper Collage

Prompt Create a collage using hand painted papers to create a portrait of a room where you live. This prompt is all about how to play with color through shapes and patterns. Choosing a room Take several rooms under consideration, and think about which has the most visual potential to explore color, pattern, and shape. […]

Abstract Acrylic Painting Compositions with Collage

See how to begin and develop an abstract painting composition with acrylic paints, starting with collage as a prompt,  from beginning to end. This video demos the process of how to come up with an idea for an abstract painting, determining the tools and techniques to be used, and how to layer and push the […]

Abstract Acrylic Painting Prompts

This video demos exciting painting prompts to get you started creating abstract paintings in acrylic, using a wide range of techniques and tools for creating abstract paintings in acrylic paint. These prompts are a great way to jump start your process so you can get moving with your paintings. Demo by Art Prof Clara Lieu. […]

Abstract Acrylic Painting Effects & Tricks

This video shows a wide range of techniques and tools for creating abstract paintings in acrylic paint. You’ll see how to create many visual effects in acrylic paint like how to achieve various types of textures, lines, strokes, and other unconventional tools. All of these techniques can be used to create a visual language to […]

BBQ Squid: Mixed Media Acrylic Painting

Teaching Artist Lauryn Welch demonstrates techniques for creating a mixed media acrylic painting that is inspired by a taste of a texture. Inspired by her experience eating BBQ squid at a Japanese restaurant in New York City, Lauryn creates a thumbnail sketch using Copic sketch markers to plan for the acrylic painting. Lauryn explains different […]

Oil vs. Acrylic

Art Prof Clara Lieu and Teaching Artist Alex Rowe discuss all of the differences between oil and acrylic paint in great depth, as well as their similarities. It’s essential for any artist who paints to know what the technical differences are between oil and acrylic paint. The dry time varies tremendously, the solvents and mediums […]

Intro to Acrylic Painting

This video demonstrates important acrylic painting techniques in order to create a still life painting from beginning to end. Techniques covered in the video include palette knives, choosing acrylic colors, using a palette knife, mediums that can be added to the acrylic paint, acrylic varnishes, painting details, and much more.  Demo led by Teaching Artist […]