Lectures & Training

Prof Lieu lectures on a wide range of professional development topics for artists at any point in their artistic development and careers.

Lectures & Training, Clara Lieu

Her lectures address the specific needs of visual artists, and provide up to date information regarding opportunities today for artists.

Prof Lieu also does consulting and faculty training for school districts, universities, and colleges. Lecture topics and length can be customized to suit the needs and budget of your program.

Clara banner printmaking monotype
Monotype workshop at Saltgrass Printmakers


  • 45 min. lecture + 15 min. Q&A: $450 USD
  • 60 min. lecture + 30 min. Q&A: $500 USD


About Prof Lieu

Prof Lieu was an Adjunct Professor at the Rhode Island School of Design from 2007-2020.

She has also taught at Wellesley College, Lesley University, and the School of the Museum of Fine Arts.

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Woodcut: Relief Printmaking

Her artwork has been exhibited at the International Print Center NY, the Currier Museum, Mark Miller Gallery, Childs Gallery, the Davis Museum, and more.

Clara Lieu, Teaching at RISD

Lieu received an artist fellowship from the Massachusetts Cultural Council, has written for the NY Times, and lectured at Brown University, the National Art Education conference, and in Vancouver & China. She has been profiled in Artsy, Hyperallergic, KPCC, WCVB Chronicle, & WBUR.

Lecture Topics

  • Prof Lieu can customize lectures to suit your organization’s needs.
  • Below are topics that are popular, but feel free to suggest any other topic for a lecture.
  • Our Pro Development section shows the breadth of topics a lecture can be based on.
Lectures and Training, Clara Lieu
Lecture at the Fitchburg Art Museum, Fitchburg, MA
Clara banner printmaking monotype
Monotype workshop at Saltgrass Printmakers
How to Critique Art

Shifting Your Mindset to Teach Remotely

The most fundamental shift to remote teaching is a dramatic change that has to happen in your mindset as a teacher. Switching from a brick and mortar classroom to a remote learning is not just a physical, it’s going to be a change in your pedagogical goals and expectations.

We’ll discuss how remote teaching is not just a physical change, but also one that has to happen on a more fundamental level in terms of how we approach teaching and relate to our students.

We will break down how to shift your overall approach to teaching to maximize what remote teaching can accomplish.

2021 Instagram Changes

Social Media for Visual Artists

Social Media is an essential component of being a professional today. Find out which social media platform is best suited to your needs as a visual artist, and learn concrete strategies which will help you use social media effectively.

Learn about the social media platforms available, and get practical, straightforward advice for how you can best harness these platforms to pursue their career goals. Lecture will be followed by a QA session.

Teaching Art Online, Setup and Equipment

Remote Learning: Platforms, Communication & Content

With an overwhelming number of options for remote teaching and content available today, this workshop will explain options for how to translate your brick and mortar course in order to custom tailor a smooth, streamlined set of communication and content platforms.

We’ll discuss live video vs. pre-recorded video, how to communicate effectively with students online, options for group communication, audio content vs. video content, options and formats for running group and individual critiques, and more.

Artist Websites: How to Create One!

Artist Websites

Having an effective artist website is a major part of being a visual artist today. The artist’s website is the base where an artist can show the scope of their artwork.

Creating a clean, easy to navigate artist website is surprisingly difficult with a whole host of challenges.

Get practical advice for simple actions you can take to clean up and reorganize your artist website so it can better serve your needs as an artist. Lecture will be followed by a QA session.

RISD Adjunct Professor Tony Janello

Remote Learning: Technology & Equipment

This workshop will demonstrate and review the nuts and bolts of how to create a flexible, physical set up to do studio art demos online.

We will provide detailed info on recommended equipment, (including equipment to avoid) such as webcams, mics, lighting, etc., how to troubleshoot common problems such adjusting camera angles, blocked camera views, how to stream live video, free streaming software options like OBS, and more.

How to Start an Artist Business, Dorian Epps

Business Tips for Artists

Being a visual artist is more than creating the artwork. In this lecture, learn the nuts and bolts of the business of being a visual artist.

Get practical tips on pricing your artwork, creating email lists, business cards, print materials, artist grants, networkingbooking exhibitions, taxesart commissions, and more. Lecture will be followed by a QA session.

How to Sell Your Art Online

Selling Your Art Online

Today, selling your artwork online can be highly effective and profitable. With so many options out there, what is the best one for you?

Find out in this lecture where you will learn how to price your artwork, various platforms for selling, how to set up your shop, shipping detailsmarketing strategies, presenting your artwork to maximize visibility, and more.

Lecture will be followed by a Q&A session.

How to Start an Art YouTube Channel

How to Start & Grow Your YouTube Channel

YouTube is one of the most powerful and exciting platforms online today, offering endless opportunities to connect with a global audience by sharing videos of all types.

However, the nuts and bolts of running a YouTube channel can be challenging to understand!

You’ll get insight on topics like how to monetize your channel, coming up with ideas for video content, building an audience, promoting your channel, live streaming, equipment, editing software, and more. Lecture followed by a Q&A session.

Premium Workshop: Video Shorts

How to Film & Edit Video Shorts

Short videos are a great way to get visibility as an artist!

This lecture provides ideas for creating short videos for use on social media as well as practical info on easy software you can use for editing, adding graphics, stills of art, and captions.

Get tips for how to combine still image shooting video footage that will produce a dynamic and engaging video short. 

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