How to Publish a Graphic Novel

See step by step, how to write, illustrate and publish a graphic novel from beginning to end. This video explains how to develop a graphic novel idea, how to pitch to publishers and agents, research images and reference photos as the preliminary process. Shown is the process for creating thumbnail sketches, compose panels and layouts, […]

Comics Basics TRACK: Lesson 3, Birthday Party

Prompt Create a 4 panel comic based on a birthday party you had at some point in your life. comics techniques art media Use any art media you want: digital and/or traditional art media. Consider beforehand whether you want to do a black and white comic, or a comic with color. Recommended software Procreate, Krita, Adobe Photoshop, Clip […]

Comics Basics TRACK: Lesson 2

Prompt Create a comic that has animal sounds in the narrative. What will get an animal or create to make a sound? Example: a person steps on a cat’s tail, so the cat yowls. The comic can be of any length, any number of panels. You can use keyboard symbols for this prompt: numbers, letters, […]

Comics Basics TRACK: Lesson 1

Prompt Create an instructional comic on how to prepare your favorite snack. You may not use any keyboard symbols in your comic: no letters, no numbers, no punctuation. Arrows can be used to explain motions and direction in your comic. Ingredients List Start by making a list of all the ingredients used in your snack. […]

Comics Basics TRACK: Ongoing, Reading Comics

Prompt Read comics every day! Half the battle of learning how to create your own comics is to read a LOT of comics and increase your awareness of what is out there. All types of comics count for this assignment: webtoons, manga, newspaper strips, graphic novels, etc. We recommend trying to read as diverse a […]

Comics Prompt: Animal Sounds

See a demo of a comics prompt: create a comic showing animal sounds and movements. Useful comics techniques such as point of view, the “foot rule,” panels, speech bubbles, spreads, and pages in order to communicate a narrative. Drawing demo by Teaching Artists Cat Huang and Alex Rowe. Video Walkthrough Prof Lieu’s Tips I’ve always […]

Comics Prompt: Draw an Instructional Comic

See a demo of a comics prompt: create an instructional comic that uses no symbols from a keyboard. Pick a snack that you like to prepare, and show in your comic instructions for how to create that snack. Several comics techniques such as point of view, the “foot rule,” panels, speech bubbles, spreads, and pages […]

Brainstorming & Sketching Ideas for Comics

See a demo of how to quickly sketch ideas for comics in Procreate. Tips for starting include how to start designing a character for the comic, what style to use for that character, and discussing elements of comics like point of view, comic panels, timing, storytelling, and more. Drawing demo led by Art Prof Clara […]

How to Start a Comic

Learn all the logistics and art skills you’ll need to start a comic. There are many components to the process: coming up with the idea for the comic, determining the length. Considering the panel format, designing the environments and characters, the drawing process, figuring out what art medium to work are all important skills to […]

Manga Books

Horror Manga Human Chair, Junji Ito Remina, Junji ItoShiver, Junji ItoSmashed, Junji ItoTomie, Junji ItoVenus in the Blind Spot, Junji ItoDrifting Classroom, Kazuo UmezuThe Enigma of Amigara Fault, Junji Ito Uzumaki, Junji Ito Mystery Manga Case Closed, Gosho AoyamaErased, Kei SanbeMonster, Naoki Urasawa Osamu Tezuka Astro Boy, Osamu TezukaBlack Jack, Osamu TezukaBuddha, Osamu TezukaOde to […]

Comic Books

Asterios Polyp, David MazzucchelliMy Favorite Thing is Monsters, Emil FerrisSafari Honeymoon, Jesse JacobsBone, Jeff SmithContract with God Trilogy, Will EisnerJimmy Corrigan, Chris WareThis One Summer, Jillian & Mariko TamakiLove and Rockets, Jaime HernandezI Never Liked You, Chester BrownThe Incal, Alejandro JodorowskyDeath of Speedy, Jaime HernandezDracula, Alberto BrecciaThe Zabime Sisters, AristophoneThe Shark King, R. Kikuo JohnsonNight […]

Comics Resources

Read Comics Online WebtoonsComixologyChosenHyperbole and a HalfKingFisherWebcomic Namexkcd Publications Campfire Comics and StoriesThe Comics Journal Festivals Comic Arts Los AngelesSmall Press Expo New Yorker New Yorker Encyclopedia of CartoonsComplete Cartoons of the New YorkerBest of the Rejection CollectionNew Yorker Book of Dog Cartoons New Yorker Book of Lawyer Cartoons Humor, Satire, and CartoonsNew Yorker Daily CartoonInstagram’s Favorite […]

Comics Curriculum

The complete Comics Curriculum for Self-taught Artists is a series of 2 videos. The Curriculum’s document is a complementary resource for both videos. Comics Part 1 Comics Part 2

Comics Curriculum 2

This video is part 2 of our comics curriculum for self-taught artists which reviews prompts and exercise for practicing your comics skills, comics history, what comics are like today, and more resources for learning comics on your own. Discussion led by Art Prof Clara Lieu and Teaching Artist Cat Huang. Video Walkthrough Artists & Artworks […]

Comics Curriculum 1

This video is part 1 of a comics curriculum for self-taught artists. Topics explained include the international comics industry, types of comics including webtoons, non-fiction biographies, superhero, Sunday Funnies. Also discussed is the visual language of comics including panels, speech bubbles, spreads, and pages, as well as techniques like the “180 degree rule,” point of […]