Painting Flowers with Open Acrylics

Could these be the slow drying acrylic paints that I have been yearning for my entire life? See how these acrylic paints compare to other acrylic painting supplies and brands I have tried in the past. Thank you so much Slate for sending me these supplies! Demo by Art Prof Clara Lieu. Video Walkthrough Art […]

Soft Pastel Drawing: Table Setting

This video is a step by step drawing demo of soft pastel techniques for drawing a scene of a table setting with a dish, napkins, and glasses. The development of the drawing is explained from scratch. Prof Lieu explains in depth the technical aspects of the drawing process and the creative decisions that are made […]

Colored Pencil Drawing: Sarah Bernhardt Cookies

See how to draw Sarah Bernhardt cookies with colored pencil! Drawing techniques of how to use several reference photos to create a number of thumbnail sketches in order to figure out the composition, and then transferring this to the final drawing are explained. Methods for using colored pencil include how to layer and build up […]

Colored Pencil Drawing: Sexy Bread

Who knew that there are bread rolls that wear lingerie! Watch this drawing demo of sexy bread rolls, showing how to draw with colored pencil and crayons on black watercolor paper. Techniques for drawing small details like the lace in the “bread lingerie” as well as showing the round form and saturated color of the […]

Alcohol Inks & Colored Pencil: Table Setting

See how to get started with alcohol Inks, and the broad range of visual effects you can create. This demo shows how the alcohol inks behave with Yupo Paper, watercolor paper, and with tools like Q-tips, sumi brushes, cotton rags, and more. Techniques with the alcohol inks shown include how to layer colors, how to […]

Colored Pencil Drawing: Tea & Scones

See colored pencil techniques for drawing a scene of tea and scones. Techniques shown in colored pencil include how to layer colors, how to create gradients and blend to get specific colors, and how to create a balance of saturated and muted colors, and more. Demo led by Art Prof Clara Lieu. Video Walkthrough Art […]

Gelli Plate Monotype Prints

You don’t need a press to create monotypes, all you need is a gelli plate, some water based Akua printmaking inks, and printmaking paper! Prof Lieu demonstrates every step of the process, showing wiping techniques, brush techniques, registration, and the printing process to create a monochromatic monotype. Demo led by Art Prof Clara Lieu and […]

Painting Basics TRACK: Lesson 5, Rose Paintings

Prompt Objectives Reference photos Recommended media Any paint medium: watercolor, gouache, acryl gouache, oils, water mixable oils, acrylics. We recommend using the same paint medium for the entire track. Inspiration Kathleen Speranza, Adriaen van Utrecht, Jan Davidsz. de Heem, Vincent van Gogh, Rachel Ruysch, Jan Philips van Thielen, John William Waterhouse. Rose Drawings in Pencil & Charcoal See how to draw […]

Painting Basics TRACK: Lesson 3, White on White Still Life

Prompt Examples Heather Gibbons, Triplegem, Brittany Spiszer, Bowsers Step 1 Collect white objects for your still life. Step 2 Arrange the objects on a table against a wall. Hang a cloth up on the wall behind the table for a backdrop. Be inventive with your still life! Stack, overlap, and place the objects in a dynamic way. […]

Painting Bread: Watercolor

See the process of watercolor painting AND baking sourdough bread! This video weaves together how a grandmother baking sourdough bread inspired a watercolor painting. (Prof Lieu’s mother in law, the “Bread Fairy.”) By showing and explaining the painting process, the artist comes to see that the bread is much more that just a loaf of […]

How to Draw Glass in Soft Pastel

This video demos techniques for drawing glass using soft pastel. Glass is very challenging to draw because of the transparency! You’ll get concrete tips for how to create the illusion of glass in soft pastel that is convincing and believable. Demo led by Art Prof Clara Lieu. Video Walkthrough Prof Lieu’s Tips There is definitely […]

Jam Cookies in Soft Pastel

This video demonstrates how to illustrate a plate of cookies using soft pastel. Starting with a quick thumbnail sketch, decisions about composition, creating depth and emphasis are discussed. Techniques shown in soft pastel include how to layer colors, how to create gradients and blend to get specific colors, and how to create a balance of […]

Water Mixable Oil Painting: Purple & Yellow

Art Prof Clara Lieu demonstrates water mixable oil painting techniques of a still life based on the complementary pair yellow and purple. This is a follow up exercise to a complementary color chart that Prof Lieu did in gouache to explore complementary colors. Prof Lieu talks about color saturation, value, composition, and more. Art Supplies […]

Scratchboard Drawing

Art Prof Clara Lieu and Guest Teaching Artist Song Kang demonstrate and explain all of the art supplies and drawing techniques you need to create a detailed scratchboard drawing from beginning to end. Song demonstrates the broad range of lines and marks you can make on scratchboard using an etching needle, a scraper, sandpaper, and […]

Pen & Ink & Pencil Drawing

Art Prof Clara Lieu and Guest Teaching Artist Song Kang demonstrate Song’s drawing technique to create effects similar to ink wash using pen & ink, pencil, and matt medium. Song creates a lively, imaginative composition based on textures and forms in nature. Song begins the drawing by sketching the composition with pencil lines and areas […]

Drawing Roses in Pencil & Charcoal

See how to draw roses with pencil and charcoal as preparatory drawings for oil paintings. Kathleen Speranza explains her engagement with roses as a figurative subject for her paintings, providing a comprehensive demo on how to set up the lighting and placement of the roses. Kathleen explains how to sharpen & prepare pencil/charcoal supplies, and […]

Charcoal Animation

Learn how to turn a charcoal drawing into an animated short using the Stop Motion Studio App. This video walks through, step by step, the entire process of shooting images to create a short animation piece. Animation concepts, such as speed, frame rate, how to set up a phone on a cell phone holder, are […]

Intro to Oil Painting: Part 2 – Step by step

Part 2 of this intro to oil painting tutorial walks you through every step of the process to paint a lobster in a still life. Watch Part 1. Prof Lieu talks about how to premix your colors with a palette knife, lighting & shadow, brush techniques, how to layer your oil paint, the differences between […]

Intro to Oil Painting: Part 1 – Basics

In part 1 of this oil painting tutorial, essential techniques, materials, and approaches to oil painting are thoroughly covered. (Watch Part 2) Topics covered include all of the supplies: brushes, palette knives, oil paints, palettes, surfaces, and more. Safety hazards which include ventilation and disposal are explained in depth, as well as brush techniques, painting […]

Still Life Drawing in Crayon

Drawing a still life in color is a great exercise for learning fundamentals in drawing. Techniques shown in this video include how to set up a still life, the basics of color theory, and a drawing technique using Caran d’Ache Neocolor 1 Crayons. See how to select objects for a still life, using back drop […]

Intro to Acrylic Painting

This video demonstrates important acrylic painting techniques in order to create a still life painting from beginning to end. Techniques covered in the video include palette knives, choosing acrylic colors, using a palette knife, mediums that can be added to the acrylic paint, acrylic varnishes, painting details, and much more.  Demo led by Teaching Artist […]