Reed & Wire Sculptures

Reed & wire are quick and easy materials to get started with 3D. See a demo on how to use these materials to construct a lively, dynamic sculpture. Demo by Art Prof Clara Lieu & Mia Rozear. Thank you to Cobalt Counseling for sponsoring this video!! Video Walkthrough Prof Lieu’s Tips I’ve talked to a […]

Sculpting a Dog in Air Dry Clay

See how to sculpt and model a sculpture of a boxer dog, using air clay in white and terracotta colors. Techniques for using colored clays together are explored, including adding graphite powder to the air dry clay to darken it. Hear about the specifics of working with air dry clay, including how to deal with […]

Styrofoam Cup Sculptures: Step by Step Demo

See step by step how to construct sculptures using styrofoam cups and hot glue. Fundamentals like shape, overlap, negative space, and creating dynamic movement are explained, in addition to cutting techniques and ways to assemble the sculptures. Demo by Art Prof Clara Lieu with Teaching Artist Mia Rozear. Video Walkthrough Art Supplies Caution Utility Knives […]

Expressive Drawing TRACK: Lesson 5, 3D References

Prompt Creating the 3D Reference Examples Tal, JenK, Helen Lighting the 3D Reference Photographing the 3D Reference tips Inspiration Alexander Ross, Andrew Raftery, Will Cotton Thumbnail Sketches Final Drawing drawing media Highlights Lighting can be a powerful visual tool in art! This video gets down to the nuts and bolts of how lighting works in […]

Liquid Sculpey Experiments

See different ways Liquid Sculpey can be used by artists to create various shapes and forms that can be manipulated into a number of ways. Liquid Sculpey is incredibly versatile, and can be used in many diverse and exciting ways. Demo by Art Prof Clara Lieu and Teaching Artist Deepti Menon. Video Walkthrough Art Supplies […]

Sculpting Skulls with Air Dry Clay

See two ways to sculpt a skull in air dry clay: a skull with a small wire armature to stand it up, and a distorted skull without an armature. Hear about the specifics of working with air dry clay, including the many advantages that are inherent in the clay such as using water to moisten […]

Polymer Clay & Carving a Sweet Potato

See a demo on how to carve a sweet potato and how to sculpt with Sculpey to create surrealistic face brooches. Explained are the advantages of using polymer clay, showing three different colors of Original Sculpey. Learning to sculpt with carving tools can be very challenging. A sweet potato which is easy to carve, but […]

Artist Books: Lotus & Meandering Folds

Handmade artist books are lovely objects that can be very three-dimensional with techniques like the lotus fold and meandering fold. This video demonstrates these two book folding techniques, which include book covers, archival book glue, paper, specialized tools like a bone folder, and more. The end result is a beautiful handmade artist book which you […]

Sculpting a Foot in Oil Based Clay

This two part series demonstrates from beginning to end how to sculpt a small scale foot without using a wire armature. The clay used in this series is plastilene, an oil based clay that is flexible and safe for home art studios.  Working from custom reference photos that were shot specifically for the sculpture from […]

Portrait Sculpture with Air Dry Clay

This video shows how to sculpt a portrait bust using air dry clay and a wire armature. Techniques for how to build a wire armature, and how to block in the largest shapes in the portrait sculpture are explained thoroughly. Sculpting techniques using a range of sculpting tools, and how to sculpt details, and the […]

Coptic Stitch Bookbinding

Coptic Stitch Bookbinding is a beautiful way to create a handmade sketchbook. This video demonstrates the Coptic stitch on a large scale book model, providing very clear and easy to follow step by step instructions. Different options for bookbinding materials and specialized tools like a bone folder and curved needles are explained. Demo led by […]

3D Design: Chipboard

Art Prof Clara Lieu presents a basic 3D design project using chipboard and glue guns to construct a sculpture which is an abstract representation of the artist’s personality Prof Lieu begins with a brainstorming activity as a starting point for generating shapes and designs that will visually show an artist’s personality. Cutting techniques with utility […]