Figure in Water Mixable Oils

See how to begin a figure painting with water mixable oils. Explained is a reductive underpainting technique where the painting surface is covered with one color, and the highlights are removed with a cotton rag. Demo by Art Prof Clara Lieu. Video Walkthrough Art Supplies Reference Photos As a free educational source, Art Prof uses […]

Portrait TRACK: Lesson 3, Self-Portrait Palette Knife Painting

Prompt Painting from Life We understand that painting from life often doesn’t feel as easy or convenient as working from a photograph. Seeing colors in real life is actually easier than observing a photograph, where colors lose their sophistication and nuances. Painting from life provides the opportunity to observe colors and subtle shifts in those […]

Palette Knife Paintings: Mixing Flesh Tones

See a painting demo of how to mix flesh tones using water mixable oil paints and a palette knife. Using exclusively a palette knife is an effective way to focus entirely on the color mixing process by removing the distraction of needing to address brush technique at the same time. Painting a self-portrait from life, […]

Water Mixable Oil Painting: Purple & Yellow

Art Prof Clara Lieu demonstrates water mixable oil painting techniques of a still life based on the complementary pair yellow and purple. This is a follow up exercise to a complementary color chart that Prof Lieu did in gouache to explore complementary colors. Prof Lieu talks about color saturation, value, composition, and more. Art Supplies […]