1 Point Linear Perspective Drawing Demo

This video demos how to apply 1 point linear perspective principles in drawing, using Procreate, ink wash, and movie stills from Alfred Hitchcock films as reference images. Drawing techniques and Procreate and ink wash and a bamboo pen are explained, as well as how to identify the vanishing point, the vanishing lines, establish the horizon […]

Expressive Drawing TRACK: Lesson 3, X-Ray Vision Spaces

Prompt Create a drawing that captures the personality a portion of an interior or exterior space. Pretend you have X-ray vision so you can see through objects and emphasize where they overlap and interact. Examples JenK, Helen Draw from Life Inspiration Prof Lieu Reference Photos Or, you can draw from photos, preferably from photos you […]

Sketching Architecture: Jerónimos Monastery

See how to sketch architecture in watercolor, you don’t need linear perspective and rulers when sketching on site! Tips for how to capture the impression of the building instead of measuring every line in the building are provided. This architectural sketch is done on site at the Jerónimos Monastery in Lisbon, Portugal. Demo by Art […]

Landscape TRACK: Lesson 1

Prompt Examples Ginger Medrano, Wadalafer, Ashley Tanelle, Neil Espinosa, Crissie Tips for Drawing from Life Tips for Drawing Space Thumbnail Sketches We recommend doing about 6 small thumbnail sketches to explore a diverse range of options for your composition. Start your first thumbnail sketches with line and think about how you want to place your subject onto the […]

How to Draw Buildings & Architecture in Marker

Watch this drawing demo and get concrete tips for how to approach drawing a building. This video shows you how to get started sketching architecture. A complicated subject with many details that can be intimidating. Techniques for how to capture the scale of buildings as well as how to articulate details are thoroughly explained. Demo […]

Adobe Fresco & Brush Pens: Drawing an Oil Refinery

This video demonstrates techniques for drawing man made structures, focusing on an oil refinery. Media used in this tutorial are Adobe Fresco and brush pens with a water brush. Explored in the video is how to tackle large, complex structures in a drawing, what to focus on, and how to compose the piece in a […]

One Point Perspective, Demonstration

This video is a drawing demonstration of how to apply rules of 1 point linear perspective into the context of observational drawing using pastel pencils. The processes of how to identify the vanishing point, the vanishing lines, establish the horizon line, and how to develop the drawing to convey a convincing sense of space are […]