Design Curriculum 1

Art Prof Clara Lieu and Teaching Artist Cat Huang and Guest Artist Dorian Epps provide Part 1 of a design curriculum for self-taught artists that cover the essential skills. How do you define design, and what fields are in design? This is a discussion of the basics of design, while providing clear definitions of the […]

How to Start an Artist Business: Upcycle Fashion

Find out the nuts and bolts of how to start a business as an artist, exploring options for platforms and payment, overall strategy for how to find your audience, and more. Discussion with Art Prof Clara Lieu guest artist Dorian Epps. Guest Artist Dorian Epps Dorian is an Experiential and Product Designer from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. […]

Experiments in Industrial Design & Upcycle Fashion

Experimentation is an important part of an artist’s studio practice; stepping outside of your main focus and venturing outside of your comfort zone with unfamiliar materials and unrelated art fields has the potential for tremendous growth as an artist. Discussed are the various fields Cat and Dorian have explored despite their focus on graphic novels […]